Pot I Set for World Cup, Almost

The Pot 1 seeds for the World Cup draw to be held December sixth are, pretty much, set and I say pretty much, as they are unless a MASSIVE upset takes place.

The teams that have qualified for the Pot 1 are Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium and Switzerland. The Pot 1 basically means there are the top FIFA teams and all of these squad will be in different groups in World Cup play.

I mentioned that the pot is pretty much set and Uruguay is the last team that should be in it unless they have a major meltdown facing Jordan in the qualifying intercontinental play-off. Bet365 has betting odds on the first leg of this tie with Jordan as the big home underdogs at +750 and Uruguay at -275 and a draw line of +375. This match takes place November 14th.

Uruguay currently are the sixth ranked team in the world, but finished fifth in the South American qualifying process. They would not have even made it to a playoff if Brazil, who qualify automatically, had not been the World Cup host.

If Jordan scores the major upset and beats Uruguay then Holland will be in Pot 1. Italy would have taken the spot, but their draw against Armenia cost them dearly and they are only a fraction of points behind Holland (1135.95 to 1135.61). Yeah, pretty close I would say.