English Premiership

The England Premier League, or EPL as it is called, was established in 1992 after the clubs in the First Division decided to break from the Football League, which was established back in 1888. The EPL is the top soccer league in England. There are 20 clubs in the league, which is the most watched league in the world, in terms of TV ratings, and runs from August until May.

There have been 46 clubs that have participated in the EPL since its inception, but only five have won the title. The “Big Four” clubs of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea have won all but one of the EPL titles, with Blackburn winning in the 1994-1995 season. The Big Four have all won multiple titles with Manchester United leading with 13 league crowns.

In an EPL season each clubs plays 38 matches. At the end of the season the three teams at the bottom of the league table are relegated to the Football League Championship, which is the second highest league in England. The top two teams from the Football League Championship season are promoted to the EPL as well as the winner of the playoffs between the third through sixth place clubs from that league.

In European Competition the teams that finish in the top four of the EPL qualify for the Champions League with the top three finishers automatically qualifying for the group stage. The fifth place EPL finisher automatically qualifies for the Europa League and the sixth and seventh place finishers can also qualify depending on FA Cup or League Cup play. Those are the two domestic cup competitions the EPL clubs take part in as well as the Capital One League Cup.