La Liga

The Liga BBVA, which is simply referred to as La Liga as well as the Primera Division, is the top soccer league in Spain, which consists of 20 teams. The season runs from August until May and the league was established in 1929. Since the inception of the league Real Madrid and Barcelona have been, by far, the dominant clubs with 54 combined league titles. Each club in La Liga plays 40 matches facing every other club twice with one home match and one away match.

Clubs from the La Liga have won the most Champions League competitions. It is the only league that has had two teams face each other in the Champions League final and that has happened twice.

At the end of the La Liga season the clubs that finish in the bottom three of the league table are relegated to the Segunda División. The top two clubs from the Segunda División are promoted to La Liga and one more club is promoted after a playoff from the third through sixth place finishers.

The top three finishers in the La Liga table qualify for the Champions League group stage and the fourth place finisher qualifies for the Champions League playoff for the group stage. The clubs that finish fifth and sixth qualify for the Europa League as does the winner of the Copa del Rey no matter where they finish in the league table. If the two finalists in the Copa del Rey are in the top six in the La Liga table the seventh place finisher also receives a berth into the Europa League.