Belgium vs South Korea Betting

Belgium has already advanced to the round of 16 and they will win the group with a win or draw against South Korea or if they lose and Algeria does not beat Russia. They are in good shape while the same cannot be said about South Korea, as to advance they need to beat Belgium and score more goals than Russia does in their encounter with Algeria.

Belgium is the World Cup betting favorite at Bovada posted at -127 with South Korea at +423 and a draw line of +271.

While the South Korean offense has not been bad in group play the same cannot be said about their defense, which have given up five goals in two matches including four in their last one. Belgium has scored just as many goals as South Korea, but have only conceded one goal in two matches.

South Korea will be aggressive in this match, but that leaves their suspect defense vulnerable.

In the Algeria match South Korea slightly won the time of possession battle, but they gave up eight more shots on goal.

The defense of Belgium has to key on MF Son Heung Min, who is the star of the South Korean squad.

The South Korean defense was less than impressive in the 4-2 loss to Algeria and they were caught sleeping on several occasions. They have to play much better match on that side of the pitch against Belgium, especially dealing with the counter-attack since they will be attacking all match to get three points.

Belgium is a much better squad in this match and while South Korea will put up a fight they will not win, which will oust them from the World Cup.