Group B Betting Odds

The draw for Group B has set the stage for a grudge match at Brazil 2014. Defending champions Spain sit among the leaders in World Cup 2014 betting with odds of 13/2. They will open the Group Stage with a match against the Netherlands, the squad they defeated in the 2010 final. Chile is considered a dark horse by many and could surprise, while Australia is expected to finish at the bottom of the Group B standings.

Here are the Group B teams and their odds to win the group at Bovada.

Spain (-135)

Spain enters Brazil 2014 as both the defending champions and one of the leaders in World Cup 2014 odds. They will face tough competition against the Netherlands as well as Chile, who have quietly risen to No. 13 in FIFA’s world rankings and sport attractive World Cup 2014 odds of 40/1. Spain will have to start the tourney in top form to ensure a top finish in Group B.

Netherlands (+225)

The Dutch have nowhere to go but up at Brazil 2014. They were ranked No. 1 in the world in the summer of 2011, but since suffering three straight losses at Euro 2012 they have struggled badly against top competition, including a sound 2-0 beating recently by France. Accordingly, they now sit at 25/1 in World Cup 2014 betting.

Chile (+400)

The darlings of Group B, Chile is considered by many to be a dark horse to watch at Brazil 2014. They are currently ranked No. 13 in the world with World Cup 2014 odds pegged at 40/1 at the sportsbooks. Chile has looked solid in recent international friendlies and did not look out of place against Spain in 2010.

Australia (+3300)

It could be a short tournament for the 500/1 Socceroos at Brazil 2014. Australia looked solid in their qualifying matches but were outclassed in recent friendlies against both Brazil and Spain. As well, they may also arrive at Brazil 2014 without star striker Robbie Kruse, who is currently recovering from a torn ACL.

Group B Related Odds and prop Bets at Bovada

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Winner     
Spain        2/3
Netherlands    3/1
Chile        15/4
Australia    66/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Forecast    
Spain/Chile        3/1
Spain/Australia        25/1
Spain/Netherlands    7/4
Chile/Spain        8/1
Chile/Australia        100/1
Chile/Netherlands    12/1
Australia/Spain        150/1
Australia/Chile        300/1
Australia/Netherlands    200/1
Netherlands/Spain    7/2
Netherlands/Chile    8/1
Netherlands/Australia    66/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B Reverse Forecast    
Spain/Chile        2/1
Spain/Australia        25/1
Spain/Netherlands    4/5
Chile/Australia        100/1
Chile/Netherlands    5/1
Australia/Netherlands    50/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Spain Qualify From Their Group?    
Yes        -600
No        +375

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Netherlands Qualify From Their Group?    
Yes        -165
No        +125

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Chile Qualify From Their Group?    
Yes        -115
No        -115

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Will Australia Qualify From Their Group?    
Yes        +900
No        -2000

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group B To Finish Bottom    
Australia    1/4
Chile        6/1
Netherlands    7/1
Spain        20/1