Ivory Coast Top Cup Bet from Africa

One unique wager that Bet365 is offering for the World Cup is the top African team finisher. While all of the teams from Africa playing in Brazil are long shots to win the overall tournament Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria have solid odds to be the top team from Africa.

Odds for Top African Team

Ivory Coast +138
Ghana +250
Nigeria +275
Cameroon +900
Algeria +1600

Ivory Coast has the best betting odds to be the top finishing team from Africa and one of the main reasons is that they are not in a very tough group. They are in Group C with Colombia, Japan, and Greece and have the second best odds to win the group. The Elephants have a good offense led by Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure, but the side is an older one and their defense is suspect.

Ghana may be the best team from Africa, but they do not have the best odds since they are playing in the dreaded Group of Death. Juts to make it to the knockout stage they will likely have to beat Portugal or Germany. However, Ghana has advanced to the knockout stage in the last two World Cups.

Nigeria is not in the toughest group, but still has the third best odds to win it behind Argentina and Bosnia. They play a good team game, but their midfield is a concern and they do not have the World Class players that they had in their golden age in the 90’s.

Cameroon is in Group A with Brazil, Croatia, and Mexico and they have the lowest odds to win it. The squad does have Samuel Eto’o from Chelsea, but the squad lacks much world-class talent. They rely on the counter-attack to score since the midfield lacks much creativity.

Algeria has the lowest odds to finish as the top team from Africa. This really shows the talent the squad has, as the Algerians are in one of the weaker groups. They are in Group H along with Belgium, Russia, and South Korea and have long shot odds of +3300 at Bet365 to win the group. Algeria is a stronger team than they were four years ago, but their lack of world-class players will show this summer.